Which planner is right for you?

Can't decide which planner is right for you?


In our full PLANNER GUIDE, I provide simple recommendations on which version of our planner might work for you.


If after this, you are still uncertain, I recommend starting with a Minimal Lesson Planner. This planner will give you a space to plan your weeks as they come without worry over using record pages.

If reading the above makes you worry you need record pages, the next version that could work best is the Simple Homeschool Planner. This planner gives you access to all parts except the Yearbook, Pupils, Map your Years, and Lessons at a Glance Master. Everything that is included in the Simple Planner gives you plenty of planning room.

I recommend our full Classic Planner for planner lovers that have found success paper planning and enjoy finding ways to make creative spreads work for them. (:


Other things to consider:

◦ Those using the curriculum AmblesideOnline & A Gentle Feast have found success using out weekly layout to lay out the rhythm of their homeschool week.

◦ Workbook style curriculum users also find the planner works well in helping them keep track and "backwards plan" or "record things as they are completed".

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