Our story



AnnaVancePaperCo is a handmade Minnesota home based business run by Mathew & Anna (with occasional help from little hands).

Hello, I'm Anna. a mom navigating this thing called life through journaling, planning, and intentional living. What started as a crafting hobby that stemmed from my love of stationery and need to dwell in the Lord to fight anxiety and depression through journaling has grown into our humble little business.

Now run by my husband Mathew and I, we are passionate about keeping this home business running using quality American made materials and putting intentionality first, so because of this, I encourage you to contact me to help determine if a product is right for you during this season of life.

Above all, we want the business to always glorify the ultimate Creator and Maker of the world. (Genesis 1:1)

If you've shopped with us before, we thank you and hope you'll continue on this journey of purposeful living with us. If you're new here, we hope you'll stick around and feel inspired


i n s p i r a t i o n

Having a past ridden with mental & physical abuse, it has left me often feeling crippled by depression and anxiety. To combat that, I dwell in the Lord through journaling & planning.


I create things that are:

simple & beautiful - because of my own personal journey to simplicity, you'll find that many of my designs are simple with a touch of beauty. My personal love for bullet journaling inspires most of our products. You'll find simple but beautiful designs.

adaptable - I love planning & journaling but I recognize the need for my things to have the ability to adapt to the changing seasons of life. This is why you'll find many spreads that can be easily used in different ways.

original - With a high respect for original makers, I avoid replicating already existing products/planner designs. What you find here is unique to our shop. With that said, all of our designs are copyrighted and I do not give permission to anyone to replicate and profit from the recreation of our designs. While our future goal is to have all original fonts and artwork, at this time, some of the graphics you see on our products are created by other, very talented artists.