Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.


☙ What is your current turn around time?

Our current turn around time can be found HERE.


☙ Is there a rush fee I can pay to have my order sooner?

We do not offer any rush fees. To help with our high turn around, we begin production of the planner for the school year early in the year to give many plenty of time to order ahead.


☙ Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yes we do! Buyer is responsible for all fees incurred upon arrival of package in your country.


☙ Do you offer a PDF version of your planner?

No, we do not.


 I need to see all of the pages before I can order. Is there a place to see every page?

In order to protect the originality of the design as much as possible, there is not place to do this but I frequently share flip throughs and parts of the planner on Instagram. Lately, with us being so very busy, I haven't had time, but rest assured, as summer comes near, I will be there to do flip throughs again.


☙ Do you have any discount codes or upcoming sales?

We have one sale a year. This sale is in the late fall (October/November). There is no final date for this. We do not offer discount codes but do offer a rewards program. Be sure to sign up for the rewards program as it is the way we give back to our customers.


 ☙ The print is very faint. Is there any way to fix this?

In many parts of the planner, the print is intentionally faint. (Example: the Map Your Year section's first column has very faint weekly labels. This is because it is meant for you to be able to write over as everyone's weeks vary.) At this time, I (Anna) had a desire to have a grid themed planner. I didn't realize until production that the darker I made our print settings to make everything look as crisp as possible, the darker the grids would be making it impossible to see pencil markings. I didn't want this to be a problem for everyone which is why I made the decision to print things faintly.

There is no way we could fix this any other way at this time. As many know, this is our first year operating with our new printer and not knowing exactly what was in store with us as we got to know this printer (and knowing the MANY mishaps we had with printers last year) we did not want the design to be the reason we could not produce planners which is why I went with a safer, neutral color for this year only.

I am confident in one thing.. and that is that it does not take away from the unique and creative planner spreads I've always offered in the past. This year, I released many more unique spreads. If that is not enough for you and you just miss the color and other designs, we encourage you to come back next year and see what we have to offer. (: