2022 Homeschool Planner Guide

All planning page designs are original to AnnaVancePaperCo and we do not give permission to anyone to replicate all or any part of our designs.

Keep creative makers creative by staying original and not replicating their work. 


There are many options and it can be exciting but also overwhelming to get your planner ordered just the way you'd like, so I created this step by step guide to (hopefully) help with the process. If you still need help after, hit that live chat button to talk to me directly and ask all the questions. (: 


➳ Step one: Decide on your interior style choice

Each style is the same planner. The difference is the graphic theme sprinkled throughout the planner.

All styles have an overall clean/minimal look & feel.

Flip through video designed to give you a visual of the overall setup of the Classic Planner:

     ➝  "Clean"    Video flip-through    

     ➝ " In the Garden"    Video flip-through    

     ➝  "I've Gone with the Flowers"   ◦ Video flip-through    

     ➝  "Playful at Heart"   ◦ Video flip-through    


Throughout this guide, you will find the use of the words page and sheet.

page is one side of a piece of paper while a sheet is both sides of a piece of paper.



➳ Step Two: Decide which planner setup is right for you

 While our Classic Planner is the most popular, we also offer two other setups that might suit your needs.


1. The Minimal Lesson Planner

The Minimal Lesson Planner is ideal for:

 Lesson prepping for all years (but parents planning for the early years find it most useful)

▫ A teacher that does record keeping in other places and simply wants to have the joy of using our weekly layouts to record weekly lesson plans.

Click Here to view the listing and read the description to understand what is featured in this setup.


2. The Simple Homeschool Planner

Who is this planner ideal for?

 Lesson prepping for all years

▫ A teacher that desires a space for jotting down monthly commitments, weekly lesson plans, and record keeping using our simple record pages.

If you've been here since the very beginning, this is similar to the first setup we have offered since Etsy days. (: There are no pupil sheets in this setup.

Click Here to view the listing and read the description to understand what is featured in this setup.


3. The Classic Setup

If you have been with us since last year, this will be the most familiar setup to you. This option is recommended for repeat users that have loved the previous years' simple setup and for new users unsure where to begin and just looking to see what will work for the first year.

In this listing, under "Planner Setup" you will find the following:

  a. The "Classic" setup -

This setup has been thoughtfully laid out and offers plenty of personalizations and is a great starting place for those that want the "full experience" but are not ready for or do not need access to additional pupil and monthly planning sheets.

Tip: You can access all of the same additional pupil sheets and add them to your records pages in the classic setup.

The Classic setup offers a total of nine sections separated by page tabs. When you're ready, a description and details on each section/page tabs can be found below.

  b. The "Personalize Fully" setup -

This is the product of the many personalization requests we received over the years. This is for you parents that love & need/want all the extra personalizations. (:

When you select Personalize Fully on the drop down, nine new drop downs will appear so you can personalize each section to your liking.

Take it one section at a time and just picture that each drop down is a page tab/section.

If you want more or less of a specific page, you can always make this request in the notes section at checkout. We do our best to honor all requests and rarely have been unable to. If we have any problems while we design your planner, we will contact you via the email you provide.

The Personalize Fully setup offers a total of nine sections separated by page tabs that can also be omitted altogether for a thinner planner or substituted for note pages that will be added to the back of the planner. When you're ready, a description and details on each section/page tabs can be found below.


Classic Setup Links:

     ➝  "Clean"    Classic Setup Link  

     ➝ " In the Garden"    ◦ Classic Setup Link      

     ➝  "I've Gone with the Flowers"   ◦ Classic Setup Link    

     ➝  "Playful at Heart"   ◦ Classic Setup Link    



➳ Step Three: Decide what cover you'd like

If you're new here, the way our cover options work is you can put ultimately any cover we offer on any product we offer.

You can view all of our cover options HERE.

I know this part can sometimes be the most difficult, so take your time. (:



➳ Step Four: Personalize your planner!

Now, that you understand the basics, you're ready to personalize your planner.

To do this, simply start by opening the listing you selected (based on what you chose from reading the above steps) then use the guide below to understand each section as you personalize them. (:




With all parts included, there are a total of 9 sections / page tabs.

Let's run through the tabs and understand what is available in each tab.

All parts with an asterisk* at the end are automatically included in the classic planner unless otherwise requested to be omitted. 


Tab 1. Annual Overview

Available in this section:

   ·  Annual Overview Calendar *

   ·  Two-page lined note page spreads *

   ·  Two-page planning board *

   ·  12-category board *


Tab 2. Yearbook

Available in this section:

   ·  Year on Film*  | a playful way to jot down or illustrate memories on "film strips" 

   ·  Two-page Memorable Passages spread *

   ·  Two-page Nature Observations spread *

   ·  Reflections * 


I was inspired to offer this section after a few moms requests a "yearbook" section in their planner. This is completely meant to be a memory keeping section. If you are not a journaler or have other ways you're keeping memories, you may not need this section at all.


Tab 3. My Pupils


Available in this section:

   ·  Calendar *   | begins at the start month that you select

   ·  Questionnaire with questions *

   ·  Questionnaire without questions

   ·  Subject by subject *

   ·  Objectives, achievements, & memories board *

   ·  Verses to Remember

   ·  Recitations

   ·  Lessons at a glance 36 weeks / 42 weeks / 52 weeks

   ·  Reading List 

   ·  Check List

   ·  Topic Planner

   ·  Timeline

   ·  Tracker

   ·  Exams

   ·  Considerations

   ·  Future Curriculum

   ·  Note page


You may wish to personalize fully if you would like access to all additional pupil sheets.

Tip: All pupil sheets are available to add behind the records section without the need to personalize fully.


Tab 4. Map your years

Available in this section:

   ·  Map your years calendars * | a condensed calendar spread that begins January 2022 and ends December 2025


This space was intended to be a brainstorming calendar. This is the place to go to block out school weeks, vacation days, topic specific studies, field trips, and more OR a place to revisit and recalculate as needed.


 Tab 5. Months at a glance

Available in this section:

   ·  Monthly calendar version 1 *  | this version offers a landscape calendar to the left and a planning board with a small reading log section to the right.

   ·  Monthly calendar version 2

   ·  Mother culture journaling page *

   ·  Planning board

   ·  Monthly reading log

   ·  Meal Plan grid page

   ·  Expense Log

   ·  Trip Planner

   ·  Note page


You may wish to personalize fully if you'd like access to additional monthly planning sheets



Tab 6. Weekly Lesson Plans 


Available in this section:

   ·  Your choice of 36, 42, or 54* total weekly planning spreads  in the layout you select

Consideration one:

A unique feature of our planner is the option to keep your weekly lesson planning pages separate from the monthly calendars section.

From personal experience, I noticed I was not using my weekly lesson plans on weeks we were not doing school and it felt odd coming back to a previous month to use the weekly pages when that month was over. Having the weekly lesson plans separated from the monthly calendars allows more flexibility.

Consideration two:

If you are using your homeschool planner for daily life & home planning as well, you may benefit from adding the weekly planning pages directly behind each month.

When selecting "add weeklies behind each month" you will have a total of five weekly spreads behind each month which are located after your selected monthly calendar and planning pages.

Consideration three:

A new feature we introduced last year was the option to have your weekly planning pages bound separately.

This option continues to be available. To choose this, you will find a "Bind weekly plans in a separate book" option when personalizing your weekly section.


Tab 7. Lessons at a glance - Master

Available in this section:

   · Layout 1  | available for 36*, 42, or 54 weeks of planning up to 48 categories

   · Layout 2  | a simple log style master list of your lessons

   · Layout 3  | a simple master check list


This section is designed to be a master list of your lessons for the year. It's the place to loosely plan out how many lessons you'd like to schedule per week (using version 1), log hours as you complete them (layout 2), or create a master check list of all of your curriculums in one place (layout 3).

You may have no use for this section if you have found success at keeping a master list elsewhere or find it works to simply keep up with your curriculum's check list.

You may find this very useful if you are creating your own curriculum by pulling resources from many different places.


Tab 8. Records

Available in this section:

   · Calendar | begins the start month you select

   · Questionnaire with questions

   · Questionnaire without questions

   · Subject by subject

   · Objectives and achievements

   · Verses to remember

   · Recitations

   · Lessons at a glance 36 weeks | 1 sheet*

   · Lessons at a glance 42 weeks

   · Lessons at a glance 54 weeks

   · Reading List | 2 sheets*

   · Check List | 2 sheets*

   · Topic Planner | 1 sheet*

   · Timeline 

   · Tracker *

   · Exams

   · Considerations

   · Future Curriculum *

   · Handicrafts

   · Nature Study

   · Habits

   · Login information *

   · Connections *



Tab 9. Note pages

Available in this section:

   · Note pages of your choice | number of note pages varies depending on what sheets you include/omit


When you omit a section for a thinner planner, we will not add more note pages to the back if it is not necessary to fit a coil.

When selecting substitute for note pages, we will add as many note pages to the back of your planner as possible.

Note: If you choose to have many of the planning pages in your planner in the other sections, you may still end up with very little note pages due to thickness of the planner.



➳ Last things to note

◦ I was inspired to create many of the sheets based on my understanding and desire to encourage others in their pursuit of offering a Charlotte Mason education in their homes.

Many of the sheets are not necessary to have but were intended to sprinkle ideas and give you a simple way to try some things. Maybe once you've had a taste, you'll naturally incorporate these things in your home without the need for a sheet.

            For example: the nature observations sheet. If you are new to nature study, committing to a once a month nature walk and jotting down your observations from that walk on the sheet could be a nice and gentle start. Then, next year, you can incorporate a full nature journal. If you are already into nature studies, you may not need this sheet.



If you've made it this far and still need help, hit the live chat or email hello@annavancepaperco.com. In order to allow us to help you as best as possible, please be as detailed as you can with your questions.
Happy personalizing! (: