The Simple Homeschool Planner | Charlotte Mason Inspired
The Simple Homeschool Planner | Charlotte Mason Inspired
The Simple Homeschool Planner | Charlotte Mason Inspired
The Simple Homeschool Planner | Charlotte Mason Inspired
The Simple Homeschool Planner | Charlotte Mason Inspired

The Simple Homeschool Planner | Charlotte Mason Inspired

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Welcome to the Simple version of our Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner. 


The Simple Homeschool Planner features:



▫ Monthly Calendar (layout 1) followed by five weekly lesson planning spreads of your choice. One "spread" is two side by side pages You may also elect to have your weekly planning pages separate from the monthly calendars.

▫ Records pages of your choice

▫ Note pages of your choice

 The Simple Planner measure approximately: 9" x 11.25"

 Accessories include: A click in bookmark, two sticker sheets, two magnetic bookmarks


Who is this planner ideal for?

▫ Lesson prepping for all years

▫ A teacher that desires a space for jotting down monthly commitments, weekly lesson plans, and record keeping using our simple record pages.



Important to note:

The Simple Homeschool Planner cannot be altered/personalized beyond what is already offered. If you'd like to personalize something more, we recommend getting the classic planner and fully customizing it. The price reflects the extra time we need to spend on getting your planner just right.



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Three things to know before you order 



  ONE - Turn around time


Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner orders are subject to their "ship by" month agreed on at checkout.

Orders that don't include our Homeschool Planner: 4-6 weeks

Please, return here for updated turn around times. 

Turn around time is how long it takes us to carefully prepare & ship your order.



➳ TWO - We are a tiny shop with a tiny team.


We are a very tiny team.

Mathew & Anna Vance design, print, laminate, and fully make every product from start to finish in our Minnesota home office (with occasional help from our children).


➳ THREE - Everything is handcrafted by us and made to order.


Everything we offer is handcrafted in our home office using supplies and equipment that fit in our home. Sometimes, this means limitations in speed and perfection, but we also strive to offer quality & beauty.


You may see minor variations in your planner or journal from what is represented in our photos, however, these variations do not affect the usability of the product itself.

We do not offer refunds or replacements on products that have these minor variations.


By placing an order with us, you agree that you understand all of the above.


Thank you for your patience and for supporting makers.



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Partner Covers

This year, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with two talented homeschool moms to offer you more covers to choose from.

How it works:

Simply visit the partner's page and purchase a digital cover directly from them.

Next purchase a planner from us & select "Partner Cover" as your cover choice.

Once you receive your cover from our partner, email it to so it can be added to your order.


Visit our partners' web sites to view their cover options -

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Anna Vance Paper Co Covers

Covers with "Homeschool Planner"

Important to note: When you personalize your cover, you are replacing the chosen wording unless you select "keep verse/hymn" or "homeschool planner" on your cover. Also, we do not offer modifications to the cover design overall and only offer the adding or removing of wording.


➳ Covers with songs, verses, and praise



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