2022 Invite-Only Affiliate Program

AnnaVancePaperCo Affiliate Terms

I am so excited to launch our affiliate program. Without the support of our customers, we would not be here.


Our affiliate program is for meant for current customers. We are not currently accepting affiliates from persons that have never purchased from us before.

Recommended Qualifications:

While these qualifications are not required to become an affiliate, we do recommend that our program is best for those that are:

Currently using AnnaVancePaperCo products

Not actively and regularly promoting or partnered with another company that offers a Teacher/Homeschool planner, or student/pupil planners

Currently active on at least one social platform with an engaged following
     (private accounts are OK. This could be great for someone that has a co op or homeschool friends to share with. Although private accounts are okay, we will not offer the giveaway benefit with a private account.)


We may, on occasion offer gifts to our affiliates and products for testing out and those that do not meet the above requirements are less likely to qualify for gifts / product testing.


    Affiliate Termination: 

    For one reason or another, we may choose to terminate an affiliate partnership. One reason could be due to inactivity for at least 6 months.


    If these terms sound great to you, we invite you to fill out our official affiliate form: