Pupil Companion Planner

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Introducing our Companion Planner!


NEW 2021-2022 Pupil Companion Planner



This is a full sized (11"x 8.5") planner that can be used by parents and students.

If you are using it for a student, this is a great tool for a student that is beginning to branch out to independence.

Just as with all of my designs, it is minimal and offers an open theme to allow for flexibility. Just like our homeschool planner, the 54 weekly planning pages are separate from the 12 undated calendars.


*The inspiration behind this simple planner is to be a companion to the teacher/parent for a pupil branching out to independent work. It is meant to be a companion for the parent in that it becomes your place to check back and connect with your independent learner as well as give the independent learner a simple plan of his/her own.*

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