Esther Companion Journals

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All interior options with the asterisk symbol * feature the following:

➳ Four pages of Table of Contents

➳ Lined options are number from 1 to 350

➳ Measures approximately: 7" x 9"



Our new Recipes from Home interior is a little keepsake that allows you to record your children's favorite recipes through the years. A perfect little graduation or first flight from home gift. How meaningful is it to give your children instructions just from you on how to make the recipes that brought them comfort in your home?


➳ 150 two page spreads of our Recipes from Home

     ➳ Left side of spread for recipes details and right side grid page for pasting photos and extra notes

➳ Measures approximately: 7" x 9"



Our classic Prayer Journal now features two layout options.
Cultivate the simple habit of prayer with version one.

Version 1:

➳ A two page prayer journal spread useable for 3 years when used as a two page spread per week
➳ Four simple boxes with room for a Prayer of thankfulness, a prayer for others, a prayer for yourself, and a blank box to select your own prayer prompt
➳ Measures approximately: 7" x 9"

Version 2:

➳ A two page prayer journal spread useable for 3 years when used as a two page spread per week
➳ A simple spread with room for gratitude, prayer requests, category of your choice, and a grid page for bible copywork
➳ Measures approximately: 7" x 9"



Our classic Letters from Loved Ones is an intentional keepsake for letter writing back and fourth with your pupils and loved ones.

➳ Features room for 3 years when used as two pages per week
➳ Measures approximately: 7" x 9"



Often used for: narrations, copywork, Math, commonplace, prayer journal, letters from loved ones, Recipes from home

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Partner Covers

This year, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with two talented homeschool moms to offer you more covers to choose from.

How it works:

Simply visit the partner's page and purchase a digital cover directly from them.

Next purchase a planner from us & select "Partner Cover" as your cover choice.

Once you receive your cover from our partner, email it to so it can be added to your order.


Visit our partners' web sites to view their cover options -

Partner 1: a humble place

Parter 2: min jung hwang  


Anna Vance Paper Co Covers

Covers with "Homeschool Planner"

Important to note: When you personalize your cover, you are replacing the chosen wording unless you select "keep verse/hymn" or "homeschool planner" on your cover. Also, we do not offer modifications to the cover design overall and only offer the adding or removing of wording.


➳ Covers with songs, verses, and praise



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