Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner | Ready to ship
Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner | Ready to ship

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner | Ready to ship

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This listing is for ready to ship planners announced on Instagram.

Unless noted in descriptions below, there is nothing wrong with the planner.

Planners end up here when doubles are printed, or slight print error is caught.

All planners from this listing ship within 1 week.

All planners from this listing cannot be modified in any way.

Imperfect prints could mean: faint print, continuous streaks, black and white print, wrong arrangement of page order. Imperfect prints are still fully functional and useable. Discount reflects how "bad" imperfect print may be.


Minimal 001.

• Cover: #61. “Train up a child” - with Proverbs 22:6

• Map Your Years: August 2023 to July 2025

• Weekly Layout 1B

• Wide lined note pages

Minimal 002.

• Cover: #61. “Train up a child” - with Homeschool Planner

• Map Your Years: July 2023 to June 2025

• Weekly Layout 2A

• Narrow lined note pages

Simple 001. (past version)

• Cover: #22. “Light of the World” - with Hone school Planner

• Months at a glance: UNDATED

• Weekly Layout 1B Behind each month

• Records sheets: Reading List | 4 sheets, Check List | 3 sheets, Future Curriculum | 1 sheet, Habits | 1 page, Login Information | 1 page

• 1/4" grid note pages

Simple 002. imperfect print

• Cover: #61. “Train up a child” - with Proverbs 22:6

• Annual Overview: June 2023 start

• Months at a glance: June 2023 to May 2024 | Calendar Version 1 with Mother Culture

• Weekly Layout 3B Behind each month

• Records sheets: Calendar, Subject by subject, Reading List | 4 sheets, Tracker, Future Curriculum, Handicrafts, Nature Study, Login Information, Online Resources

• 1/4" grid note pages

Three things to know before you order 



  ONE - Turn around time


Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner orders are subject to their "ship by" month agreed on at checkout.

Orders that don't include our Homeschool Planner: 4-6 weeks

Please, return here for updated turn around times. 

Turn around time is how long it takes us to carefully prepare & ship your order.



➳ TWO - We are a tiny shop with a tiny team.


We are a very tiny team.

Mathew & Anna Vance design, print, laminate, and fully make every product from start to finish in our Minnesota home office (with occasional help from our children).


➳ THREE - Everything is handcrafted by us and made to order.


Everything we offer is handcrafted in our home office using supplies and equipment that fit in our home. Sometimes, this means limitations in speed and perfection, but we also strive to offer quality & beauty.


You may see minor variations in your planner or journal from what is represented in our photos, however, these variations do not affect the usability of the product itself.

We do not offer refunds or replacements on products that have these minor variations.


By placing an order with us, you agree that you understand all of the above.


Thank you for your patience and for supporting makers.



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