Welcome to your Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool Planner!
This planner was designed with so much flexibility in mind. I hope it will be a useful tool and memory keeper for you this school year.
I am so delighted to introduce this new section.
A Year on Film is meant to log memories in tiny form. So have your children (or you) illustrate or write a random word, tiny phrase/sentence/memory throughout the year. Take a flower/leaf and rub it on one square and you might be surprised the memories it brings about when you view it again in future years.
Memorable Passages pages are the perfect place to record your favorite/memorable passages throughout the year. I tend to copy passages from our readings or mottos into my monthly or MISC note pages. When one feels like it is deemed "memorable enough" I plan on adding it to these spaces. Mommy copywork anyone? (:
Family Timeline is the perfect little sheet to jot down places, people, and things you visited at different time periods. No need to complicate it by fitting all the details. Just include anything that will bring you back to that one century.
Pupil Sheets
The pupil sheets had a major upgrade this year with the introduction of MANY new spreads.
Let's start with the classic parts
Calendar: The Calendar was designed to be an attendance tracker but has often been used as an anything tracker.
Questionnaire: Fill this out for a pupil of any age to get a glimpse of their mind in this time of their life
Subject by Subject: A wonderful place to jot down what you plan on using for each subject so when you get tempted by something else or feel overwhelmed and uncertain where to start, this space can be the reminder of your plans in the first place.
Objectives, Achievements, Memories board: Sometimes, it's easy to forget where you've been and focus on where you aren't. I hope tracking things in this space can help you think clearer and remember how far you've come and the memories that were worth it along the way.
Map Your Years
Use this section to plan out your year. Block out vacations, themed lessons, breaks, trips, and more. This is also the place I tend to return to when plans go awry and we need to re-plan. (:
Note: The very faint weekly labels on the first column this year are meant to be just a guide and written over.
Months at a Glance
Calendar pages: I know that this can be a challenging page for some. Okay, maybe just me.
I have always tried to keep business and homeschool separate so without a real need for a calendar, I've struggled to use it as just a calendar.
Here are some creative ways I've used it (inconsistently):
1. Nature log - I've used the calendar to log what I've observed in nature
2. Mother's log - A random thought or quote from our reading that came to mind that day, I've jotted down in the days
3. Mottos and memories - Yep, just about anything can be logged here
Mother Culture and other parts: I utilize this space once a month. A once a month at the beginning of the month or new month to force my to brain dump my thoughts. At this time is when I will visit all the parts of the months at a glance section like the planning board, note pages to jot down my thoughts, memories, and observations throughout the month.
Some may visit this space more frequently as others use the planner for all day to day things. (: No right or wrong way to use it.
Lessons at a Glance - Master
Oh how I love this new addition.
I created one for myself last year and realized it was a must for the new planner.
I still use the Lessons at a Glance sheet behind my pupils for things I'm recording as we go but this master list is where everything we are hoping to do for the year goes. When I begin my weekly planning, this is the space I visit to plug things in.
It is organized at 6 weeks per page with up to 48 categories to plan for. The number on the side of the rows just indicates what you are planning so you know where to plan that same subject/curriculum/topic in the next set of six weeks.
Here's where everything else goes that you might not have had in your pupils section if you have the classic set up. Here are ways to utilize some of the sheets included:
Topic Specific Lesson Planner -This is a great place to plan a specific study you'd like to do. Of course, with it being one sheet only, it will likely be a space for brainstorming the study.
Lessons at a Glance - I have seen this space used so many ways. Some plan how many lessons each week while others come back and record what they did that week after the fact.
Check List - Often used for: tracking time outside, creating one space for a check list of lessons from all curriculum, pupil habit check list, goal check list, hours tracking

I hope you've found this helpful! If you saw a section that was not covered and you'd like some ideas, please let us know and we'll do our best to cover it. We hope you'll find ways to truly make this planner your own.