2021 to 2022 Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

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NEW This planner now comes in two bound journals. The first journal includes your usual planning sheets with many new options and your 54 weeks of Weekly Lesson Plans comes bound separately.



What makes this a Charlotte Mason Planner?

I (Anna) am very inspired by Charlotte Mason and naturally create my planner to align with the philosophy in big and small ways and is laced with Charlotte Mason Quotes.


Finish Options:

Fully Bound - This is a fully bound, hand tabbed, and assembled planner made to your liking.

Punched/Unbound - This option is for those that want to arrange the planner how you like it. Planner will include the coil binding and pages tabs on the side for you to finish off when you are ready.

Unbound/Unpunched - This version is ideal for those inserting it into a personal binding system.

Weekly Layout Options

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Covers available in the following journals: Ruth, Rebekah, Esther, & Companion.